Bird Island

Bird Island is inhabited by seals and there are, therefore, many great white sharks in the area. This fact, coupled with the strong currents and rough waters encountered here, make it unsuitable for novices. Landing on Bird Island is prohibited.

The St Croix Island Scuba Trails

The sea is rich in marine life and some of the fish species found here include yellow belly, elf, grunter, piggy, Fransmadam, Roman, blacktail, steenbras, hottentot, bream, Scotsman, stumpnose, musselcracker, zebra, kob, geelbek, leervis and yellowtail.

The islands offer spectacular diving with interesting caves, dropoffs, walls and gullies, all covered in brilliantly coloured invertebrate life as mentioned above.

Riy Bank Reef

Terrific rock pinnacles rising from about 30m to the surface are covered with invertebrate life and teem with fish. Game fish are often found here and it is also frequented by sharks.

Boat trips are not run there on a regular basis, but can be organized through the local dive shops. This is a spectacular and interesting boat dive.

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