This is a popular perlemoen diving area with a few good scuba diving spots. When conditions are favourable, the surf in this area is absolutely superb, with Bruce's Beauties acknowledged to be one of the world's classic surf spots. St Francis Bay is approximately 16km from Humansdorp.

By boat from St Francis Bay or Jeffreys Bay, or from shore to the shallower parts of the reef. The reef starts almost at the shore, but the shallower parts are not as spectacular as those deeper out. Can be surge on the shallower section and visibility may drop due to sand being picked up.

It appears to be one long reef running in a south-easterly direction for approximately 6km, but is actually made up of interrupted sections. The best and most interesting dives are done from depths below 15m where large sponges and soft corals are found.


Diving at St Francis Bay
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