Coffee Bay got its name from a cargo ship that supposedly ran ashore here in the 19th century and spilled some of its coffee bean shipment on the shore. Local stories have it that some of these bean took root and grew into coffee trees, but unfortunately they are nowhere to be seen today.

A misty, untouched bay, haunted by the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors, in the heart of the Wild Coast.

Coffee Bay offers excellent fishing as well as spectacular walks through coastal bush that is full of bird life. One of the must see places in this area is the `hole in the wall', a geological marvel. Various hiking trails abound around the area, the famous Wild Coast Hiking Trail being one. The rest of the Wild Coast is also worth-while exploring, as is the Sunshine Coast and East London.

Coffee Bay has the advantage of being accessible by tarred road from the N2 and is just the place for those holiday makers who are looking for a nice, out of the way place, with activities like swimming, shell collecting, walking, fishing, surfing, spearfishing, scuba diving, horse riding and golf.


Hluleka Nature Reserve
A reserve of majestic beauty, between Coffee Bay and Port St Johns. Rocky seahores, endless beaches, lagoons and evergreen forests support a large bird and wildlife population.

A well-known victim of wind erosion, this offshore stack featuring a large, almost navigable hole is a popular picnic stop along the coast.

Outdoor Activities
Swimming, shell collecting, walking, fishing, surfing, spearfishing, riding and golf.
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