Since 1928, when 15 farmers founded the Calitzdorp Wine Cellar in order to export Hanepoot grapes, this cellar in the heart of the `Port Capital of South Africa' has offered choice products to discerning clients. Wine production began during the Second World War, with the Cellar's fame spreading fast.

Situated overlooking the beautiful Gamka River Valley, the Cellar originally traded under the Buffelskroon label, before changing its label in 1992.

Calitzdorp is particularly suited for the production of sweet, red and white table wines of exceptional quality. The cold winters and dry, hot summers are ideal for the cultivation of Hanepoot, Chardonnay, Colombar, Steen, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadel.

The Cellar has also succesfully grown Pinotage, Cabernet, Merlot, Ruby Cabernet and Tinta Barocca, however, medals are regularly won for Merlot, Hanepoot Jerepigo, Muscadel and Ruby Port.

Calitzdorp Winery
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