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Thohoyandou is the former capital of the independent homeland and the proud heart of the VhaVenda people. It's name means "head of the elephant" in tshiVenda.

The town is the commercial, administrative and legislative centre for the district. It is a bustling centre of commerce, well served with shopping complexes, an interesting museum and a hotel and casino of international standard.

Thohoyandou is situated in the south of Venda, on the main road between Louis Trichardt and the Kruger National Park. This is the lush agricultural centre of Venda, with its banana plantations, acres of sub-tropical fruit, tobacco and maize lands.

Coffee and tea plantations grace the higher slopes. It is a well-populated area, dotted with tidy villages. Each home expresses the character of its owner with low encircling walls being delightfully decorated with traditional motifs.

It is home to the University of Venda. The town is the commercial, administrative and legislative center for the traditional Venda community.

Big Tree:
The largest boabab in the country, over 3000 years old with a girth of 43 meters is found near the Sagole Spa.

Dzata Ruins and Museum of the Drum:
The ruins of the royal kraal of the Vha-Venda kings. The ruins date as far back as 1400 AD.

An archaeological site containing iron furnaces dating back to 1250 AD. Visits can be organized through the guide.

Tshakuma Traditional Village:
An unique look at a rich Afican culture, with VhaVenda sculptors and craftspeople plying their trade.

A historical site in the Kruger National Park where evidence was found indicating the smelting of gold around 1300AD.

Thathe Vondo Forest:
A magnificent forest containing the Thathe Vondo Tea Estates, The Sacred Forest, Mahovhohvho Falls, Mukumbani Dam and Lake Fundudzi.

Nwanedi National Park
Situated in the wooded foothills of the Soutpansberg, where the Nwanedi River and its tributary, the Luphephe River meet. The park is extensive, 11 170 ha, and well stocked with game about 75 km north of Thohoyandou.

Levubu Tree Park:
A scenic park in the gardens of the Dutch reformed Church in Levubu near Thohoyandou.

Tshatshingo Potholes:
These potholes can be viewed at Khube Village.

Mphaphuli Cycad Reserve:
East of the town is this reserve containing fascinating cycad species.

Thohoyandou Thohoyandou Thohoyandou Thohoyandou
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