This tranquil town in the Goldfiels of the Free State boasts all the necessary facilities and services, yet lies in close proximity to other cities for those who from time to time enjoy the attractions of city life.

Agriculture has always been an essential part of the economy of rural areas. Odendaalsrus has highly successful farmers and is proud of its flou- rishing farming community.

Odendaalsrus is a place where one's imagination can roam freely. The town has its own unique pulse and vibrancy.

Since the discovery of the world's richest golf reef on the farm Geduld in 1946, the local economy has re- volved around mining activities.

Odendaalsrus gives artists and art lovers the opportunity to express themselves freely. It is a town where culture and religion plays an important role in everyday life.

A variety of sporting facilities are also available for ex- ample golf, watersports, etc. If you want a pleasant resort which is perfect for relaxing, be sure to visit the Dam Park Recreation Resort.

Conveniently removed from the hectic pace of modern life, and with a plea- sant Highveld climate, Odendaalsrus is a safe and healthy place to be.

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