Luggage on Air Transfers in Botswana

Luggage on Air Transfers in Botswana

There are strict weight restrictions in place on any itinerary which includes light aircraft transfers.

This is due to the following:
The aircraft are designed with a maximum bodyweight and luggage weight allowance.
Most of the airfields are over 1000 metres above sea level and are located in the tropics, and therefore the permissible aircraft carrying capacity is reduced.
The aircraft have physical space restrictions.

Some important issues for air transfers
Luggage, including camera equipment and hand luggage, is restricted per person travelling on seat rates to 20kg (44lbs).
Only soft bags will be accepted - no wheels, frames or rigid structures can be transported as they physically cannot fit into the aircraft.
The maximum dimensions of the soft bags which can be accommodated are as follows: 25cm (10 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high and 62cm (24 inches) long.
Please keep in mind that the baggage compartments on the light aircraft are only 25cm high (10 inches), so the pilots must have the
ability to manipulate the bag into the compartment.
A collapsible wheeled luggage frame/trolley (separate to the bag) is allowed, as long as basic dimensions are similar to that of the bag.
Please inform us in advance if you weigh more than 100kg (220lbs) as additional weight allowance on the aircraft must be purchased for safety and comfort. The costs for this are calculated on request according to specific region and routing, and provides for a maximum of 70kg (154lbs) excess weight.

As no formal clothes are needed throughout most of southern Africa, we recommend that luggage is limited to the basics. More formal attire is usually required only when staying in the more prestigious city hotel establishments or on any of the luxury trains. On a wildlife safari, casual clothing is the order of the day. Please refer to the suggested packing list as a guideline.

Most safari camps / lodges and hotels provide basic toilet amenities and laundry can usually be done on a daily basis.

Excess Luggage
If you need to bring luggage in excess of your allowance, you may have the option of buying an extra seat. This "seat in plane" allows for a maximum of 70kg (154 lbs) excess weight, on the proviso that the bag(s) conforms to the dimensions 40 x 40 x 80 cms (16 x 16 x 31 inches); soft bag i.e. no wheels/frame/rigid structures; able to physically fit onto a light aircraft seat; able to be physically secured with one seatbelt; will not impact on the comfort of other guests on the flight.

The additional cost of this varies depending on your flight schedule so please contact your agent for further details.

On arrival in either Maun or Kasane, you also have the option of sending your excess luggage ahead at an additional cost. If the safari begins in Maun, the excess luggage will be forwarded to Kasane and stored. If starting in Kasane, the excess luggage will be forwarded to Maun for storage. You can then collect this excess baggage at the end of your Botswana trip.

We need to know in advance if this service is needed so that arrangements can be made and the transfer can be handled smoothly. Please note that the same dimensions as above apply to this unaccompanied baggage.

Should you be starting and ending your safari in Maun, and do not require the excess luggage to accompany you on your trip, arrangements can be made to store this for you in Maun at no extra charge. But guests must ensure that they are in possession of full travel insurance including luggage cover.

Luggage on Air Transfers in Botswana Luggage on Air Transfers in Botswana