Containing a unique wetland, Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve acts as a key habitat for more than a quarter of the Free State's endangered bird species.

This wetland consists of a floodplain drained by the Klip River. The floodplain has numerous small oxbow lakes which are seasonally flooded. This is a wetland of particular importance as it is the largest one on the southern African Highveld.

It performs an outstanding ecological role in that it supports large numbers of local and migratory waterbirds.

Although the wetland does not have a very high plant diversity, it harbours a rich species diversity of waterfowl and other birds associated with water.

The area is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Free State in the Memel District. The nearest town is Memel and the wetland stretches from there northwards up to the Mpumalanga border (20 km). The width varies from 200 m to 1 000 m.

Three well-positioned bird hides offer the opportunity to observe the interesting array of feathered folk. Mammal species are being reintroduced.

There are braai facilities, but some more amenities are planned. Bird viewing is the great attraction for visitors to this Reserve, in view of the wide variety of species, some of them very rare, that live in the vlei and surrounding grasslands. Bittern, different species of Heron, Stork, Ibis, the Blue Crane and the beautiful Mahem can be seen.

The weather is very variable, visitors should therefore always be prepared for cold spells. The summers are mild and the winters are cold.

Seekoeivlei is open throughout the year. Opening time: Sunrise to sunset

Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve
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