The Transgariep Museum at Philippolis, covers 3 interesting themes - Dr. J. Philip and the London's Missionary association, the Griqua era of Adam Kok II and Adam Kok III, Emily Hobhouse and her spin- and weave school and a picture cabinet with early leader figures of the town.

Behind the Museum on the hill the visitor can still see two cannons which was used by Adam Kok, as well as a "Griquakraal" next to the library.

Adam Kok and his Griquas, who lived in Philippolis since 1826 till 1863, were spiritually guided by the London Missionary association. In 1862 they moved to Griqualand-East, after the Republic of Free State bought their land.

The London Missionary Association

In the Museum Transgariep we relive the hard work done by the London Missionary Association, in the years 1823 to 1862, in the region north of the Orange river.

Dr. John Philip, after whom Philippolis is named, takes the central place in this room. Here his well known book - Researchers in South Africa (1828) can be seen. Dr. Philip acted as the Superintendent of the Missionary Association in South Africa since 1819 till 1849.

The history of Philippolis is told by sketches of the Missionary Association till 1862 when Philippolis was handed over to the Republic of Free State.

Adam Kok

Situated in the Museum is the bedroom, livingroom and kitchen, furnished in the way it was in the time of Adam Kok. In the living room the visitor can see the furniture of Adam Kok's time.

In the backyard of the Museum, visitors can visit the horsemill and -stable. What makes this mill so valuable is that it is still in good working condition. The griquas as Adam Kok, loved horses.

In the stable original Yellowwood beams and a feeding krib can still be seen.

Picture Cabinet

From the bedroom one walks into the Picture Cabinet. Here the visitors can see the photos of the leaders who played a important role in the history of Philippolis. There are photos, drawings and even paintings of the important figures like Adam Kok II and Adam Kok III, missionaries of the London Missionary Association like dr. Philip and John Campbell.

Important Afrikaner leaders like dr. Tobie Muller and C.W.H van der Post and even ds. Colin Frasier, who were the preachers in Philippolis for so many years, are represented in this room.

Emily Hobhouse

Two rooms are furnished for Emily Hobhouse and her spin- and weave school. In the first room the visitor is introduced to her. There is a variety of photos which displays her life. The second room shows how her first spin- and weave school started in 1905 at Philippolis

In the backyard of the Museum is a "`Stookketel" (distilling kettle). The Museum makes its own spirits (witblits) of grapes, peaches and other fruits. The witblits is not sold but offered to visitors to taste.


Voortrekker Street, Philippolis.
Tel: (051) 773-0216
Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 12:00

Transgariep Museum Transgariep Museum Transgariep Museum Transgariep Museum Transgariep Museum Transgariep Museum
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