Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum

Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum

The Thoroughbred Breeders Association of South Africa is an Animal Breeders Society registered in terms of the Animal Improvement Act of 1998.

The TBA has been in existence for over 90 years.
Virtually every breeder of Thoroughbred horses in S.A. is a member of the TBA. The TBA is governed by a Council of minimum five Council members proposed and elected from and by its membership.
To be a member of the TBA, a person must have at least one broodmare registered with the National Horseracing Authority of S.A.

In terms of its Constitution, the main objectives of the TBA are:
- To safeguard and advance the common interests of Thoroughbred breeders;
- To promote and encourage the breeding and generic improvement of Thoroughbred horses;
- To promote, organize, hold and conduct sales of Thoroughbred horses for the benefit of its members.

The TBAs head office and sales complex is situated in Gosforth Park, Germiston, Gauteng Province.
We are the only TBA in the world that runs sales as part of our service to breeders.

TBA Museum
In 1977 the men of this association constructed one of the racing world's notable thoroughbred sales complexes, and then in 2009 created a museum celebrating their fine history.

The Museum takes you back in South African horseracing history - back to the 50's each decade demarcated by its iconic woman. Thus Princess Diana introduces you to the horses of the 80's her poster records personalities, events and music of her time putting the horses of her decade into perspective for the observer.

Inside the museum is a cinema, (photodisplaying our great Sprinters, Stayers and Two Year Olds) which has available a beautifully produced video production of South Africa's early Racing Legends, with original film footage of horses such as Hawaii, Colorado King and Sea Cottage.

Spend as much time as you like visiting. Comfortable seating is provided inside the museum a perfect resting place for some time-out. A Portuguese restaurant on the premises is the ideal spot to enjoy a coffee, snack or light meal, a lovely way to finish an interesting visit.

The TBA promotes and encourages the breeding and improvement of thoroughbred horses and is committed to their care.

Where to stay:
Accommodation in Germiston is available. Alternatively accommodation is available in the Johannesburg area.

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There is secure, guarded parking across the road at no-charge and entry to the museum is free. The TBA welcomes groups and learners. To arrange a visit, contact Pauline on +27 (0)11 323 5700 or email,

For more information contact dei Gratia Marketing and Communications on +27 (0)21 701 3716 or email
Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum Thoroughbred Breeders Association Museum