The wilderness area in this wetland park is on the eastern shores of Lake St Lucia and this area has been subject to minimal human interference so trailists have the opportunity to experience natural landscapes which are undisturbed by man.

While on trail trailists may also have the opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife, including black rhino, buffalo and leopard. Trailists are accompanied by a field ranger and a registered trails ranger.

The trail takes place over every weekend, from Friday through to Tuesday morning. PLEASE NOTE the trail only runs from the beginning of April to the end of October each year.

Trailists arrive at the Bhangazi boom gate (At the large Cape Vidal Sign) at 15h30 on the Friday, where they are met by the trails ranger and taken to Bhangazi Tented Camp which is the trails base camp.

Trailists set out on the Saturday morning and spend the following two nights in tented camps in the wilderness area from where daily walks are undertaken. These camps are equipped with the same facilities as the base camp except the cooking is done over an open fire. A hot water bucket shower is provided and toilet facilities comprise a spade and toilet roll. There are no fridge facilities.

They return to the base camp on the Monday afternoon. Trailists leave for home on Tuesday after breakfast. Canoeing and snorkeIling can also be enjoyed on the second and third day respectively if conditions allow.

Catering is done by the KZN Wildlife staff and is provided in the form of three meals per day, starting with supper on the day of arrival and concluding with breakfast on the day of departure.

The menus have been developed with input from previous trailists to satisfy the palate of the average person. Due to logistical factors we cannot undertake to provide catering for specific diets.

People with special requirements are asked to bring their own food and every assistance will be given to prepare it. People are also asked to bring their own between-meal snacks and refreshments.

All the food is transported to the wilderness trails camp on donkeys and should thus be packed for a rather rough journey. Avoid breakables and packaging that is easily damaged. You are permitted to bring alcohol but the amounts should be kept within reasonable limits keeping in mind the lack of refrigeration space and space on pack donkeys.

Useful information regarding the St Lucia trail:

1. It is essential to take anti-malaria precautions A doctor or chemist should be consulted at least a week beforehand.
2. The KZN Wildlife Service provides mosquito repellants.
3. Because trailists do a fair amount of wading in pans, sandals or sneakers for day use are preferred, while a second comfortable pair of shoes should be brought for use in camp in the evenings.

The following cothing tems are recommended:

4 dull coloured shirts/blouses
4 pairs shorts or equivalent
4 changes of underwear
1 pair of long pants
1 warm bush jacket or jersey
1 hat
1 pair pyjamas (optional)
1 rain coat
1 towel
1 tracksuit (optional)
Sun protection cream
Swimming costume
2 pairs of sandals/sneakers
Each person is responsible for his/her own toiletries.


From the N2 take the Mtubathuba/St Lucia turnoff and proceed to St Lucia. At St Lucia turn left towards Cape Vidal, travel 33km and turn left at the sign to Bhangazi Bush Lodge. Proceed to the boom entrance gate where the guide will meet you.

An entrance fee will be payable at the gate.
St Lucia Wilderness Trail St Lucia Wilderness Trail St Lucia Wilderness Trail
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