The main attractions are the Limpopo River, with its great variety of indigenous trees and rich birdlife, ancient ruins and mines.

The trails are organized to suit the particular interests and abilities of each individual group (there is no restriction on the number of people per group). Hikers may not cross the border into Botswana.

For a true wilderness experience, where there is little sign of human intrusion and the environment is absoluteiy unspoilt,the guided Limpopo Wilderness Hiking Trail is ideal.

It is physically undemanding; the short distances covered each day encourage hikers to observe the bush and spend time at the permanent pools in the river where numerous bird species can be seen.
Crocodile, hippo, bushbuck, waterbuck, impala, klipspringer and kudu are plentiful.

The Trail is 35 km long or 3 days (variations possible). Anti-malaria precautions are necessary.

Limpopo Wilderness Hiking Trail