Msiki Trail
This is an unusual trail, as it can last from a few hours to three days. There is a base hut, with three different circular walks that return to the hut for the eveninq. It is possible to pick up the trail at different points and follow it for a few hours.

Mfasana Pan
This beautifully tranquil body of water is home to several hippos and variety of water-birds. A hide has been constructed on the edge of the pan. Reaching the pan requires a gentle walk of about twenty minutes through riverine forest where many woodland birds have their homes.

Uvumbo Trail
This trail can be joined at Cape Vidal. It takes a leisurely four hours, winding through dune forests to Lake Bangazi where there are hippos and crocs and a variety of waterfowl, also animals especially samango monkeys, red duiker, nyala, and bushbuck. Flamingos have been spotted at this lake.

The Gwalagwala Trail
This short trail circles through shady coastal forest on the edge of the estuary and one is able to hear or see many birds and small animals. This is the only trail that can be done from the village of St Lucia.

Emoyeni Trail
This is one for the avid backpacker - five days and four nights trailing through dune forest, swamplands, grasslands and along the lake. The four overnights stops are sited to afford you breathtakinq views, and there is always the chance of meetinq up with a wide variety of animals.

There is a visit to Catalina Bay, which was used as a base for flyinq boats durinq the second World War. The trail finishes on the beach at Mission Rocks. This trail needs to be booked at Natal Parks Board Central Reservations.

Mpophomeni Trail
This is a three hour walk. It winds through the sand forest, a unique area, where you will find many interesting trees. A wide variety of game will be encountered including the rare crested guinea fowl.

Dugandlovu Trail
Not a very strenuous day trail, ideal for families or groups of schoolchildren. It contains the Dugandlovu Rustic Camp, which is in a delightful setting overlookinq the Hluhluwe River and floodplain.

Mt Tabor
On the road just short of Mission Rocks is a trail leading up to the top of Mt Tabor. A picnic table and toposcope provide an interesting spot to enjoy the 360 degree view. From this point one can see quite dearly the five ecosystems that make up the Park.
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