Bushman's Nek marks the end of the Giant's Cup Hiking Trail, a 68 km path that passes through indigenous forest and mountain grassland, climbing steep slopes and revealing views to the crests of the mountains in the Southern Drakensberg.

Wildlife commonly seen in the area is varied, and includes eland, reedbuck, grey rhebok, oribi and klipspringer, as well as dassie and porcupine. jackal buzzard and black eagle may be seen soaring above the slopes The streams are stocked with trout.

Bushman's Nek also provides access to Sehlabathebe National Park in Lesotho and to the wildemess areas popular with hikers and overnight campers. There is a border post just inside the park for those intending to enter Lesotho.

No overnight facilities exist within Bushman's Nek, but Southern Drakensberg accommodation is available in hotels and campsites nearby at the towns of:
- Himeville Accommodation
- Underberg Accommodation


To reach Bushman's Nek, take the R62 6 from Underberg. Pass the turn-off to Garden Castle and turn onto the second gravel road. The route is dearly signposted.
Bushmans Nek (Drakensberg)
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