The Bloubosspruit Trail is a self-guided circular trail, part of which leads through the 550-ha Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, which is accessible from Fairway Avenue in Mondeor.

The trail can be walked at any time of the year, though the section through the nature reserve is guided, and is open only at 9.0 - l am on the second Sunday of each month.

The Klipriviersberg ridges which extend across the south of the metropolitan area of Johannesburg are composed of andesitic rocks known as the Ventersdorp lavas. These ridges contrast dramatically with the Witwatersrand ridges in terrns of ecology. The combined ridge and stream setting has provided a favourable setting for the development of early man and his ancestors.

The remains of late Iron Age villages are scattered across the Klipriviersberg. Open areas along the Bloubosspruit create an exciting recreational and educational area for the urbanite, and allow for conservation of wildlife within the built-up environment.

The Bloubosspruit Trail, named after the commonly seen Transvaal bluebush, will eventually link up with other river trails planned for the area. The well-marked trail can be joined at any point and a number of shorter routes can be selected.


Main attractions: Birdlife; small mammals and reptiles: historic buildings; archaeological and geological sites; nature reserve; wetlands.

Health and Climate

Pertinent information: It is advisable that hikers do not walk alone. Avoid wading in stagnant pools or drinking from open water sources as bilharzia and other diseases are present.
Bloubosspruit Trail
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