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The Travel Guide to Zambia provides info on accommodation, safari's & tours in Zambia and travel information about Zambia - a country with vast lakes, rich wetlands and breathtaking African sunsets contributing to its scenic splendour.

Zambia is a land blessed with 17 waterfalls including the spectacular Victoria Falls, the country attracts nature lovers and thrill seekers alike.

The wild Zambezi River is perfect for adrenaline rush activities such as river rafting, canoeing safaris, river surfing and tiger fishing.

Zambia offers travellers some of the world's best safari opportunities, a glimpse into "real Africa," and Victoria Falls, one of the World's Seven Natural Wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Big game, abundant birdlife and raw, pulsating wilderness are what visitors can expect to find. The Zambian government has long recognised the economic importance of its wildernesses and is acutely aware of environmental concerns: almost one-third of the country is given over to national parks and game reserves.

Game Reserves
The eight main parks, all with access and accommodation are:
* South Luangwa National Park world-famous as an icon of African wildlife, numerous lodges
* Kafue National Park world-famous for its animals, one of the world's largest national parks, several lodges
* Lower Zambezi National Park east of Lusaka, offers good wildlife viewing on the Zambezi River
* Nsumbu National Park (also known as Sumbu) once ranked with Kafue and Luangwa, has good wildlife potential and offers lakeside game viewing, three lodges
* Kasanka National Park privately operated, south of the Bangweulu Swamps in the Central Province
* Lochinvar National Park a small park world-famous for bird life and herds of lechwe
* Blue Lagoon National Park a small park in the north of the Kafue Flats west of Lusaka, known chiefly for bird life
* Victoria Falls National Park a small park on the edge of the city of Livingstone

Most of the Luangwa Valley (in the Eastern Province) is protected by national parks comprising one of the world's greatest wildlife areas: North Luangwa National Park, South Luangwa National Park, Luambe National Park and Lukusuzi National Parks, and Munyamadzi, Musalangu, Mukumgule, Lupande, Lumimba, Sandwe, Chisomo Game Management Areas.

Animals are plentiful and mostly well-protected, though poaching of elephant and rhinoceros has been a problem in the recent past.

Places to visit
* Victoria Falls Spectacular in the extreme
* Zambezi River Definitely one of the world's 'must do' Rivers
* Lake Kariba - A lake with a history
* Lake Tanganyika - Long, deep, old, and very alive
* Chimp Sanctuary - Africa's sanctuary for Chimps on the Kafue River, sixty kilometers west of Chingola
* Lake Mweru - An inland life giving sea on the far north-west border of Zambia

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