Visitors Info: Social & Other Conventions

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Sun Protection

The sun is strong with a high ultra-violet rating. Screening products with a protection factor of 15 and higher is recommended.

Public Holidays

Jan 1 New Year's Day.
Mar 21 Human Rights Day.
Apr 13 Good Friday (dates differ)
Apr 16 Family Day (dates differ)
Apr 27 Freedom Day.
May 1 Workers' Day.
Jun 16 Youth Day.
Aug 9 National Women's Day.
Sep 24 Heritage Day.
Dec 16 Day of Reconciliation.
Dec 25 Christmas Day.
Dec 26 Day of Goodwill.

Holidays falling on a Sunday are observed the following Monday.


Most inhabitants profess Christianity of some form and belong to either Catholic, Anglican and other protestant denominations, Afrikaner Calvinist churches or African independent churches.

There are also significant Hindu, Muslim and Jewish communities, and traditional beliefs are still practiced widely, sometimes in conjunction with Christianity.

Social Conventions

Handshaking is the usual form of greeting. Normal courtesies should be shown when visiting someone's home.
Casual wear is widely acceptable.
Formal social functions often call for a dinner jacket and black tie for men and
full-length dresses for women; this will be specified on the invitation.
Smoking is prohibited in public areas and places with special smoking sections been provided at restaurants, etc.


Normally 10% if service is not included. It is customary to tip porters, waiters, taxi drivers, caddies and room service. By law, hotel rates do not include a service charge.