One of Zimbabawe's major tourist attractions is the Matobo National Park, less than an hour's drive from Bulawayo. As one leaves the city travelling south, many granite outcrops are seen increasing in number and size as the distance from the city grows. By the time the Park is entered one is surrounded by a dramatic and enveloping scenery that is unique and extraordinary.

Matopo is a place where erosion is tearing at the very core of the country, a place where the heart-rock is exposed to the elements, a place where, as it is destroyed, a great beauty is created.

Set in a sea of fascinating rock formations, the park contains many historical sites (the burialsite of Cecil John Rhodes, as well as Leander Starr Jameson, Sir Charles Coghlan and the memorial of the Shangani Patrol).

Within the National Park the galleries are signposted and directions and maps are available. The exhibitions are numerous and amazing. Despite their antiquity many of the depictions are well preserved and very clear with vibrant overhangs with which they shelter.

A large section of Matobo National Park within the boundaries is fenced to contain wild game including some of the more beautiful larger antelope (kudu, sable and eland) as well as black and white rhinoceros. The park boasts the largest concentration of raptors and leopard in an area of its size in the world.

Birdlife is prolific and includes the world's largest concentration of black eagles.

In the park can be seen trees and shrubs unique to that area, as well as flora and fauna found in many other parts of the world, which have grown naturally in the Matobo Hills.

En route to the Matobo National Park, some 10kms from the city centre is the Tshabalala Game Sanctuary where one may drive, take pony rides or walk and which has an Intrepretive centre.

Matobo National Park Matobo National Park Matobo National Park
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