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The Etosha National Park consist of almost 23 000sq.km saline desert, savannah and woodlands in one of the largest parks in Africa.

A total of 114 species of mammals are found in the park including rare and endangered species like the black-rhino and black-faced impala. Etosha's elephants are reputed to be of the largest in Africa, the tallest measuring up to 4m to the shoulder.

Other large game include blue wildebeest, mountain and plains zebra, hyaena and lion. Cheetah and leopard complete the trio of "big cats".

About 300 bird species occur in the park, of which about one third are migratory, including the European bee-eater and several species of waders.

Situated at the far eastern side, Namutoni Rest Camp centers around an old German Fort dating back to 1903. On the way to Namutoni, just outside Etosha are a number of luxury guest farms

Amongst shady Mopane trees, is Halali, the rest camp midway to the western border of the Etosha. The Moringa water hole, close to the camp, is floodlit at night.

Okaukuejo is Ethosa's longest established and most popular rest camp and situated in the far western side. The opportunity exist to see elephant and black rhino close to the camp.

Ethosa's definitive feature is the Etosha pan, a vast, shallow depression of approximately 5000 sq.km. For the greater part of the year the pan is a bleak expanse of white cracked mud which shimmers with mirages on most days. It is seeing vast herds of game with this eerie "great white place of dry water" as a backdrop, which makes the Etosha experience unique.

The park, which is open throughout the year, is accessible from two gates - one in the east and one in the west. While each of Etosha's 3 camps has its own character and atmosphere, all three have comfortable chalet accommodation, well equiped camping sites and modern amenities.

Etosha National Park Etosha National Park Etosha National Park Etosha National Park Etosha National Park
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