Welkom is South Africa's youngest town and has been the centre of the gold fields since 1947. The town sprung up after gold was discovered on a farm called St Helena.

Welkom has grown perhaps with a faster rate as Johannesburg, yet is proud of the fact that its traffic system of traffic circles were so well designed that they still have only a few traffic lights. It is in the Free State the second largest town and the core of the relatively recent geologic windfall of the Free State.

Places of interest unclude:
Arts & Crafts
The work of the handycapped residents of the Ernest Oppenheimer Hospital is on show.

Ernest Oppenheimer Theatre
The town's best thespians and ballet dancers grace this modern complex. Named after the businessman who planned the layout of Welkom.

Flamingo Pan
Welkom's flamingoes inhabit this scenic recreation area.

Gold Museum
A complete history of gold and its mining and production is on display in the library.

Mine Tours
Some of the deepest and riches mines can be visited.

Welkom has many monuments including, Aandek Monument, Afrikaans Language Monument, Joanne Pim Monument, WWII Monument, Voortrekker Memorial, Dog Monument, Old Indaba bleugum tree and MOTH Memorial.

Museum of Welkom
This public library houses display the discovery of gold in Welkom, town's history and bird and animal life indigenous to this region.

North Park Fleamarket
Haggle for a bargain every second Saturday of each month.

Parks to visit in Welkom is Central Park, Peter Pan Park, Van Riebeeck Park and West Park.

Phakisa Raceway
South Africa's newest racetrack. It consist of both a high speed oval and a well designed conventional track.

Rovers Club
A municipal sports centre offering rugby,soccer, netball, tennis, hockey, cricket, bowling and snooker facilities.

Theronia Pan
A tranquil pan and bird sanctuary

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