Travelling westward and following the course of the Orange River, the Pella trail can be divided into three sections namely, Pelladrif to Vioolsdrif, Vioolsdrif to the end of the escarpment and Lekkersing to the coast.

What makes this route so attractive is the fact that it can be combined with other trails such as the Namaqua flowers, the Richtersveld trail the Kalahari and the Fish River canyon offering the tourist well over 2 000 kilometres of delightful driving and making it probably the largest 4x4 trail in Africa.

The little town of Pella is a natural starting point and infrastructure with accommodation, shops, and a garage Apart from the 4x4 trail, the historic hiking trail and mountain biking is recommended. Pack animals are obtainable at Pella.

Wildlife and Vegetation

A very interesting feature on this trail is the contrast between the beautiful koppies surrounded by mountain ranges in different hues of blue and the lush green vegetation along the river banks.

A huge milkwood tree between Goodhouse and Pella provides a natural camping site with easy access to the river for swimming.

Mind the scorpions in summer. Gnats may be a pest in the evenings. Citronella candles proved effective to keep them at bay. Small antelope species may occasionally be seen.Leopards, the black-backed jackal, duikers, klipspringer, steenbak and hyraxes ("dassies") are occasionally seen. Many of 'the raptors abound here as well, while the sociable weavers are most common amongst the smaller bird species.


Guest houses and hotels are available at Pella and the surrounding towns. Camping along the river or in the mountainous areas can be arranged. No formal camp sites have as yet been developed.


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The Pella 4x4 Trail