More information about places around Johannesburg area

Bloubosspruit Trail
The remains of late Iron Age villages are scattered along this trail.

Gold Reef City
More and more visitors are making their way to Gold Reef City Casino and Theme Park to experience a package-deal of gaming, fun, fantasy, historical fact, safe parking and real value for your money.

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens
Offers guided tours, a rose garden, herb garden, as well as the Sima Eliovson Florium which is a venue for floral exhibitions.

Johannesburg City
Johannesburg unlike other cities was not founded near water but came from the financial waters left behind.

Johannesburg Museums
The Adler Museum of Medicine; the Dynamite Museum chronicling the history of explosives and chemicals; the Madiba Freedom Museum charting South Africa`s journey to democracy; the Museum Africa where you step into the typical 1950s shebeen are a few of th

Johannesburg Shopping
Johannesburg is a shopper`s paradise. The shopping malls offer superior quality merchandise, entertainment and are unique lifestyle destinations whilst the craft markets feature African masks, carvings, dolls, baskets - whatever you`re looking for

Museum Africa
The principal exhibition is `Johannesburg Transformations` which examines some of the momentous changes that have swept through the city in the last century and lay bare the heart and soul of inner city Johannesburg.

Nature Reserves and Parks in Johannesburg
Johannesburg City Parks takes care of 18 500 hectares of open space and green areas which include 22 nature reserves and 15 bird sanctuaries.

Newtown is being developed as the creative centre of Johannesburg with a offering of theatre, dance, music, art, photography and crafts - all for your entertainment.

Origins Centre
We are who we are because of who we were... A visit to the newly opened Origins Centre is an absolute must for every tourist visiting South Africa.

SAB World of Beer
Beer is as old as civilization and has always been a part of human social life.

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre
Edutainment destination for learners, educators, families, companies, and tourists to interactively participate in exciting and fun-filled activities in mathematics, science and technology.

South African National Museum of Military History
It is the only museum of its kind in South Africa and provides a nucleus of Museum and military history expertise in Southern Africa.

The Apartheid Museum
The Apartheid Museum sets out by means of blown-up photographs, artefacts, newspaper clippings, and film footage, to portray graphically the apartheid story.