More information about places around Bloemfontein area

Anglo-Boer War Museum
Take in the wealth of exhibits and other interesting sights in and around the War Museum of the Boer Republics. Depicts sections of the war of 1899 - 1902.

Free State National Botanical Garden
The Free State National Botanical Garden is at best in the spring - open daily, braai sites have been laid out for visitors - nursery where surplus plants are sold.

Historical Buildings of Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein`s rich heritage is reflected in the many buildings of historical importance in this city - the capital of the Free State.

Historical Sites of the Free State
The quaint, small towns of the Free State are rich historical and cultural heritage with friendly people where visitors are always welcome.

Museums of Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein (part of Mangaung Local Municipality) offers the visitor many historical buildings and museums exhibiting the history of the Free State and the city.

The City Bloemfontein
Bloemfontein is the city of Roses, and the capital of the Free State Province. Enjoy warm hospitality, friendly but diverse peoples, many attractions and cultural sites, an unique Orchid House with various rare Orchids, and much more

The National Museum Bloemfontein
The National Museum, Bloemfontein, is a natural history, cultural history and art museum which provide professional research, conservation and educational services to a broad spectrum of the community.