This seaside village lies 85 km north of Cape Town on the R27. Situated between Cape Town and Langebaan, Yzerfontein is a grand base from which to explore the many attractions of the Cape West Coast.

Yzerfontein is known for its natural beauty, vast stretches of beach and tranquillity, as it is for its tradition of hospitality. Basking in year round sunshine, a splendid winter climate where balmy, daytime temperatures rarely fall below 10 degrees.

The famous 16 Mile Beach is the longest uninterrupted sandy beach on the coastline of South Africa. It stretches from the main beach at Yzerfontein northwards up to the West Coast National Park close to Langebaan.

The bay is a favoured destination for whales in the spring. These graceful giants of the ocean come into the bay to calve. Visitors can watch from a number of vantage points while the whales play in the sea close inshore.

You can enjoy kite and windsurfing, a variety of water sports for example, canoeing, kayaking, surfing, rubber duck races, boat trips out to sea and around Dassen Island.

For fishermen there are great spots for fishing. Yzerfonteins waters are known for its abundance of snoek and crayfish. The 16 mile white sand beach and Schaap Island along Yzerfonteins coast are popular hiking trail spots.

There are excellent view points from where you have an unspoilt view of Cape Towns Table Mountain in the south and Dassen Island in the west.

In late winter and spring, there is an abundance of flowers that burst into bloom. The veld and dunes in and around the village are a spectacular sight with their masses of brightly coloured flowers. An indigenous garden has been established in town for visitors and during the flower season a flower trail called Bokbaaivygie trail has been created, just outside of town.

Yzerfontein Tourism
Monday to Friday 08h30 - 12h30
Saturday to Sunday during flower season open from 10:00 to 14:00

Tel : +27 22 4512366
Fax : +27 22 4512985

Dassen Island
Dassen Island (early name Coney Island) lies 9 km off the coast, almost directly opposite the village of Yzerfontein. It is 55 km north of Cape Town, about halfway between Table Bay and Saldanha Bay.

With an area of 273 ha, it is the second largest of the offshore islands. It is generally flat and sandy, apart from patches of exposed bedrock, and some areas strewn with huge granite boulders.

Dassen Island is preferred breeding ground to the majority of African Penguins in the world and is a Nature Reserve and not open to the public.

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