Wilderness Safaris

Wilderness Safaris operates in six countries - Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Southern African subcontinent is an extremely diverse region, with a wide range of natural landscapes and life-forms. The two factors that are responsible for this are geology and climate.

We providse our guests with many of the comforts of a hotel room but when our guests lie in bed at night we want them to feel the pulse of wild Africa. When Lions roar, they must hear the roars, but they must also be safe! Experiencing this wilderness in a brick building is nigh impossible. So most of our camps are tented or are under thatch with canvas walls. These rooms offer safe sanctuary, but have atmosphere.

We do not build walls around our camp - nor do we put up electric fence. Animals do sometimes wander through the camps. Please listen to your guide's instructions to ensure you are safe. We provide flashlights in all camps. The camps must be eco-friendly. We have employed full-time ecologists whose job is to ensure that our camps are as eco-friendly as possible.

Their job is to work with the park or reserve authorities and with our camp managers to make sure that we "tread" as gently as possible.

Much of the region is characterised by a central plateau over 1000m above sea level, where temperatures are moderate, even during the summer months. The climate in the eastern and northern parts is influenced by the warm Indian Ocean and is more moist with over 1000mm falling in places.

Guests can enjoy their traditional breakfast eggs as well as quinches, salads, etc. Light savouries and tea/coffee/juices would be provided before the start of the afternoon game drive which would be followed by a return to camp for a hearty dinner. We can cater for vegetarians, but please warn us when making your reservation so that we can be fully prepared.

Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris Wilderness Safaris