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Due to the influence of the cool Benguela current, recreational angling off the west coast is limited and consists mainly of snoek. A commercial fishery exists for this species, particularly around Dassen Island and St Helenabaai.

The Cape rock lobster is also abundant and provides a substantial recreational fishery. Tuna are prolific off the west coast but are normally encountered too far offshore for recreational boats to reach.

A large estuary known as the Langebaan Lagoon at Saldanha Bay is a popular area for water sports. Again due to low water temperatures, the variety of fish in this area is restricted.

Anglers use light tackle to land kabeljou, elf and yellowtail, as well as a number of bottom feeding sparids, sharks and rays. The leaping thresher shark is much sought-after, as are tope, dusky, cow and occasional great white sharks. Large skates are also landed.
  • Fishing at the West Coast
  • Fishing at the West Coast
  • Fishing at the West Coast

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