Tugela River Rafting

The Tugela River is the largest river in KwaZulu Natal. The river originates in the Drakensberg Mountains at Mont-aux-Sources, (the source of tributaries of two other major South African rivers, the Orange River and the Vaal River) and plunges 947 metres down the Tugela Falls.

From the Drakensberg range the river meanders for 502 kilometres through the KwaZulu Natal midlands before flowing into the Indian Ocean.

The Tugela passes Bergville and Colenso and its southern end flows in a deep channel between cliffs and valleys until it reaches the narrow coast belt.

There is an excellent 20km stretch of rapids and pools on this section of the Tugela Canyon including the intimidating Washing machine and Finger rock rapids.

Rafting on big water is traditionally between November and April - depending on water levels.

Depending on rainfall conditions you'll take on the challenge in either 8 or 2 man inflatable rafts. No experience is necessary as fully trained guides will assist you in negotiating the river safely while the roar of the water rejuvenates your soul.

The sheer exhilaration of the Tugela Adventure makes it a great place to build team spirit and work on stress relief.

For bird lovers the Harold Johnson Nature Reserve is interesting. The nature protection area of about 100 hectares lies on the southern banks of the Tugela River, almost 6 kilometres before the river mouth. More than 200 bird species were registered here. And there live zebras, monkeys, mongoos and some antelope species.

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Tugela River Rafting Tugela River Rafting


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