Tipping & Gratuities in Botswana
Guidelines on tipping and gratuities for visitors to Botswana and other southern Africa countries.

Tipping is not compulsory, but should be undertaken only by choice and dependent on service received. Whatever you believe to be appropriate will be appreciated by the staff you have met.

If, however, you want to tip because you have received good service, here is a brief guideline to assist you:

• Camp or Game Lodge Guides, Specialist Guides and Butlers
Suggest US$10.00 per guest per day.

• Mokoro Paddlers and Trackers
Suggest that each paddler receive US$5.00 per guest per day and that camp/lodge trackers receive US$5.00 per guest per day.

• The General Safari Camp / Lodge Staff
Suggest about US$10.00 per guest per day for safari camps. This should be placed in the communal tipping box to be distributed equally amongst all the staff.

• Porterage
Suggest about US$2.00 to US$3.00 per guest per movement. Some lodges have slightly different gratuity schedules, but these are usually stipulated clearly in the camp’s collateral.

South Africa
• Transfer Driver
Suggest about ZAR20.00 per guest for the driver.

• Touring (excluding Camp / Game Lodge) Driver and/or Guides
For half day tours suggestd about ZAR50.00 per guest and for a full day tour ZAR100.00 per guest.

• Safari Guides/Trackers at Game Lodges
Suggest about ZAR120.00 per guest per day for the guide and ZAR80.00 per guest per day for the tracker.

• Porterage
Suggest about ZAR15.00 per guest per movement.

• Hotel / Guest House / Game Lodge Staff
Suggest about ZAR50.00 per guest per day for hotel staff i.e. housekeeping etc

• Restaurants / Hotels
10% is customary on meal accounts if you are satisfied with the service.
  • Tipping & Gratuities in Botswana
  • Tipping & Gratuities in Botswana
  • Tipping & Gratuities in Botswana