Travel Guide to Tanzania

Travel Guide to Tanzania
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Tanzania is the home of Africa's highest mountain, the world-famous Kilimanjaro, the country has dozens of beaches such as those found in Zanzibar and world-appreciated national parks like the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Top Destinations
* Ngorongoro Crater - in Northwest Tanzania contains an old volcano that has collapsed with the steep sides of the crater a natural enclosure for a wide variety of wildlife.
* Serengeti National Park - a large conservation area in the north of Tanzania which flows over into Kenya where it's known as the Masai Mara.
* Zanzibar - semi-autonomous archipelago off the coast of Tanzania.
* Tarangire National Park - famous for its huge number of elephants, baobab trees and tree climbing lions.
* Lake Manyara National Park - in Northeast Tanzania with great elephant sightings and an endless sea of flamingos that make the lake appear almost pink.
* Mt. Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest peak and the world's highest freestanding mountain. You can climb it with the help of a guide.
* Selous Game Reserve - remote and one of the biggest game reserve in Africa.
* Ruaha National Park - in Central Tanzania has an abundance of wildlife in a somewhat remote location.

Wildlife Viewing
When visiting wildlife parks be sure to stay as close to the viewing areas (center of the parks) as possible and leave as soon as you can in the morning as animals are typically most active soon after sunrise.

- Serengeti National Park hosts a wide range of wildlife, including lions, cheetahs, leopards, hippopotamuses, elephants, zebra, buffalo, water buck, crocodiles, gazelle, warthogs, and wildebeest. One major attraction is the wildebeest migration, which occurs continuously between the Serengeti and Masai Mara (Kenya).
- Ngorongoro Conservation Area also hosts an abundance of wildlife, particularly in the Ngorongoro crater. Ngorongoro consists of the highlands around the crater (rich in elephants) and the crater itself (similar animals to Serengeti, but at higher densities and with a small population of black rhino).
- Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve are very enjoyable and you'll find much greater variety of wildlife than you would in the Serengeti. Ruaha is known for having the largest elephant and giraffe population of any park in Africa. Selous is the only other place besides Ngorongoro where you may see a rhino.
- Tarangire National Park is similar to Serengeti and has a high concentrations of wildlife during the dry seasons. Also, over 570 bird species have been identified, and the place is surely a birdwatchers' paradise.

There are no discernible seasons, such as winter and summer - only the dry and wet seasons. Tanzania has two rainy seasons: The short rains from late-October to late-December and the long rains from March to May.

Many popular resorts and tourist attractions on Zanzibar close during the long rains season, and many trails in the national parks are impassable during this period.

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