Jeffreys Bay is world-renowned for its surfing spots

Supers Surfing
The waves here can get large ( up to about 10 - 12 feet). They are very fast, and as the name suggests, getting tubed is the name of the game. The sweel usually runs in the winter months. After having surfed Supers when its working, you will be stoked for years.

Boneyards is right next to Supers. You will be able to recognise it with ease, as it is the spot where the waves are breaking almost perfectly, but there are only one or two guys sitting out there.

Don't be fooled, this is a locals only break and they take it as a serious offence if you as an outsider decide to surf there.

Yeah, it may have the better wave, but that is the bonus of being a local at Jeffrey's Bay for quite some period of time.

Point is situated further down the beach, towards the Kabeljous side. The waves here tend to be a little smaller than those at Boneyards and Supers. The difference is, that you will have a much longer ride here than at the other two.

This is also the place that the guys surf, when there is a competition on at Supers, and they either need to warm up, or are not surfing in the competition

Jeffreys Bay Surfing Spots Jeffreys Bay Surfing Spots


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