St Lucia is probably better known for fishing than for any other outdoor activity - which is not surprising, as it offers some of the best fishing conditions in the country.

Rock and surf fishing, kite fishing, spear fishing, fly fishing, estuary fishing and deep sea fishing are some of the activities enjoyed by anglers visiting St Lucia.

The most popular fish are shad, perch, grunter, garrick, kabeljou and shark.

Saltwater flyfishing:
This is a sport which is growing in popularity along the Zululand coast. The best places are rocky outcrops, with deep water on the shoreward side of the rocks. Mission Rocks, Cape Vidal and Sodwana Bay are good locations.

The Kosi Lakes system which drains out to the sea at Kosi Mouth offers superb flyfishing at times. Although most flyfishing is done from shore, a good seaworthy boat is essential to move from spot to spot. Charter boats can be arranged.

Fishing Regulations:
It is important to observe the fishing regulations. These can be obtained from the Parks Board.

An excellent booklet on coastal fishing, the Kwazulu-Natal Coastal Fishing Guide, is obtainable from the Natal Parks Board and at all its offices.

The Natal Parks Board supports a tag and release programme.

St Lucia Fishing St Lucia Fishing St Lucia Fishing