Fishing the South Western Cape

Just east of Cape Agulhas, Africa's southernmost point, lies the small coastal town of Struisbaai, arguably the capital of near-shore boat angling in the Western Cape, served by a small but functional harbour.

Frequented in season by many recreational ski-boat anglers, the huge shelf of the Agulhas Bank supports a wide variety of bottom-feeding as well as pelagic species, desirable both as sport and food fish.

Another favourite species is the kabeljou, or "kob", a fish similar to the American red drum. Favouring reefs surrounded by sand, this specie averages a similar size to the yellowtail.

A number of bottom feeding redfish species also occur in this area. The largest is the famous red steenbras which attains 150 lb but is commonly around 30 lb.

Other popular redfish include the red stumpnose and the red roman, reaching 20 and 10 lb, respectively. As with most redfish, these species are all prized eating fish.

Rock and surf angling is a popular pastime in the Garden Route area and good catches are made. A number of different species of shark are caught along with kob and elf quite regularly.

Fishing the South Western Cape Fishing the South Western Cape Fishing the South Western Cape


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