Safety tips when travelling

Personal safety is your own responsibility. Use common sense and follow these simple rules.

In General:
- Do not carry a camera openly in the city.
- Avoid wearing jewellery, expensive watches or designer shades.
- If you are accosted, remain calm and be co-operative.
- Be extra careful at ATMS.

When on foot:
- Grasp bags firmly under your arm.
- Do not carry excessive sums of money on you.
- Do not leave valuables exposed (on a seat or the ground) while having a meals or drink.
- Do not let strangers get too close to you - especially people in groups.

On the road:
- Lock all your car doors.
- Look out for pedestrians and animals on the road.
- Never leave anything worth stealing in view when your car is unattended.

On the beach:
- Only swim at designated swimming beaches, with life guards on duty - do not swim at night.
- Do not swim after drinking alcohol.
- Take only the bare essentials.
- Do not leave valuables, especially cameras, unattended.
- Safeguard car keys by tying them to your swimming gear, or putting them in a waterproof wallet or splash box and taking them into the water with you.