Fishing - Hermanus to False Bay

From Agulhas to Cape Point, the coastline consists of rocky sections interspersed by long, white sandy beaches. There are only two harbours of note in this area, namely Gansbaai and Hermanus.

These harbours, although mainly for the commercial fishing sector, do have some facilities for the recreational angler.

Recreational boat angling in this area is not common, but rock and surf angling is popular. Species encountered are the same as in the Agulhas area, namely yellowtail, geelbek, red steenbras, red stumpnose, red roma, elf, garrick, white steenbras, galjoen and snoek.

Another species that begins to show itself at certain times of the year, mainly in winter, is the Cape snoek. This is a barracuda-like fish with a vicious set of teeth, and although normally caught commercially, it is a popular recreational catch. Averaging 5 to 9 lb and growing to 20 lb, the snack offers excellent sport on light tackle.

At the western end of this section of coastline is the large, shallow, semi-enclosed body of water known as False Bay, in places 30 miles long and 35 miles wide with a wide variety of species.

The more common are the yellowtail, kabeljou, geelbek, elf and snoek, with the bottom-feeding redfish also occurring regularly. This bay was famous for summer catches of bluefin tuna in the '60s, but sadly as has happened the world over this species has been heavily depleted and has not been encountered in False Bay for more than 20 years.

The bay is serviced by two excellent harbours, Gordon's Bay on the eastern side and Simonstown on the western side.

There are a number of excellent slipways for trailer-borne craft. Because of its sheltered waters and variety of fish, False Bay is an excellent and popular boating venue with hundreds of boats at sea on good days.

Fishing - Hermanus to False Bay


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