Set in the heart of the famous Garden Route, this magnificent trail leads through indigenous forests and montane fynbos, majestic mountain scenery, views of the coastal plateau, relics of the gold rush near Millwood, bird and animal life of the forest and fynbos, mountain streams and pools.

The forest and the wet fynbos depend on high rainfall, so be prepared for rain and mist.

The Outeniqua Hiking Trail is a 7 day trail with 8 overnight huts. Hikers do not have to hike the full 7 days; 2 or 3 days are allowed.

The trail may only be done in one direction - from West to East. The total distance of the trail is 108km. The terrain rating is from easy to difficult.

The huts offer shelter, firewood, grids, water and rudimentary bedding; no pots. There is only electricity at Diepwalle & Harkerville huts.

Minimum of two and niaximum of 24 hikers allowed on trail.

Hut 1: Beervlei
Start of hiking trail & vehicles may be parked at Beervleihut.

Hut 2: Windmeulnek
Windmeulnek hut is about16km or 5hrs hike from Beervlei. The nearest parking to Windmeulnek is Karatara, which is 8 kIn. A 2-day circular trail can be hiked here.

Hut 3: Platbos
Platbos is about 17 km ( 5hrs hike) from Windmeulnek. Farleigh Forest Station is 2 km from Platbos hut. Vehicles can be parked at Farleigh Parking Area or at Karatara.

Hut 4: Millwood
Millwoodis 15km ( 5 hrs) from Platbos. Cars must be parked at Goudveld ParkingArea .A circular trail can be hiked here.

Hut 5: Rondebossie
Rondebossiehut is 17km from Millwoodhut. Parking is only allowed at Gouna Forest Station.

Hut 6: Diepwalle
A very popular hut with electricity and warm water. Braai facilities are either in the open or under roof ( when it rains). The Diepwalle hut is 13km (5hrs ) from Rondebossie and 17 kIn (5 hrs) from Fisantehoek.

Hut 7: Fisantehoek
At Fisantehoek no cars are allowed. The hut is 16km (5hrs) from Diepwalle.

Hut 8: Harkerville
Very popular hut as it is the end of the Outeniqua and also the beginning of the very popular Harkerville Coast Hiking Trail. The Harkerville hut can accommodate12 in the outside room. This hut also has electricity and warm water. Vehicles must be parked at Harkerville Forest Station and not at the hut.

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