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A base camp is situated on Waterhoek farm in a thatched cottage with 24 beds and mattresses, braai and cooking facilities, firewood, bathroom with outside shower and flush toilets, an overnight camp is situated on Rensburg farm in big farmhouse with 24 beds and mattresses, cooking utensils, electricity and firewood, bathroom and flush toilet.

The main attractions include Mooirivier, some water falls, prolific game and birdlife.

A maximum of 24 people are allowed in a group. Hikers should make arrangements to have a vehicle waiting at the end of the trail. This is a summer rainfall area with warm to hot summer days. Winter days are mild, and nights can get cold.

About 20 km from Mooirivier is the Mooifalls Hiking Trail which gives you the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Mooirivier and its waterfalls. At the start of the trail, on Waterhoek farm, the nest of a Wahlberg's eagle is found at the top of a small gumtree.

Hikers who arrive early on the day before the hike can not only take the time to observe these eagles but also spend time swimming in the river or trying their hand at river rafting.

The trail itself starts on the old oxwagon route between Durban and the Reef and makes its way through natural bush to a spot where you have a breathtaking view of the Mooirivier Valley. After about 2,5 hours of hiking the trail reaches a weir and you can follow the short canal to the bottom of the Harleston Falls and refresh yourself with a swim beneath the falls, and observe the breeding bald ibis colony that nests here. The falls are spectacular when the river is full - after summer rains.

Of further interest here is the mini hydro scheme which the farmer has developed to produce his own electricity.

From the falls, the trail cuts across the river and climbs the ridge, following the contours and keeping the river in sight. Look out for bush- buck, the black eagle, kestrels, rabbits and reedbuck.

The trail crosses the river again and descends into the Middelrus Valley, leaving the Midlands highveld behind and entering acacia country with its diversity of landscape and terrain. The overnight camp is on the Rensburg farm and has a lovely view of the valley.

The second day's route is only half as long as the first and should take you about 3 hours to walk. It leads you to the majestic Mooi Falls at 84 m. Here you will find the biggest colony of bald ibis, and an adjacent game park gives you the opportunity to spot Cape eland, blesbok, impala, zebra and springbok. Although nocturnal animals such as the serval, caracal, porcupine, antbear and jackal live in the area, these are all shy animals and you are unlikely to spot them.

Hikers can enjoy a braai or picnic lunch next to the waterfall before heading for home.
  • Mooifalls Hiking Trail
  • Mooifalls Hiking Trail