Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve

The Leon Taljaardt Nature Reserve of about 2 062 ha, adjoins the Vryburg municipality's Swartfontein Pleasure Resort.

The reserve has been stocked with a wide variety of animals. Leon Taljaardt contains both black and blue wildebeest and both Burchell's and mountain zebra, though in nature the species' territories seldom overlap. The reserve also contains giraffe, springbok, eland, gemsbok, red hartebeest, blesbok, buffalo, duiker and white rhinoceros.

Although no specific counts have been done in the reserve, there is a tally of 110 bird species recorded in the town. The terrain is mostly flat and featureless but in places the bush cover is so thick that it is difficult to see the game.

A 30 km/two-day hiking trail is available for between three and ten hikers, who shelter overnight in rustic facilities that include a fire-place, cold shower and toilet

The reserve is open every day during daylight hours.

There are two entrances to the reserve: one is on Molopo Road, about 5 km from the centre of Vryburg, and the other is 2 km along the Kuruman road. A map at each entrance shows the layout of roads within the reserve. There are two internal routes - one of 12 km and the other of 26 kilometres.

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Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve Leon Taljaard Nature Reserve


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