In order to improve overall controls some changes have been made to the check-out process at camps in the Kruger Park and your assistance and co-operation is kindly requested in this regard.

Guests are reminded that only guests with valid exit permits will be allowed to exit the park. For day visitors these are issued upon entry at gates and for overnight guests these are issued by the last Kruger Park Restcamp on the guest itinerary.

Overnight guests will be required to check-out at reception at your last stay-over camp on the day you are leaving the park, or on the afternoon before your departure date, if you would like to leave early (before reception opens at 7 am) on your day of departure. You need to ensure that you receive an exit permit when checking-out, which will be attached to your travel document (permit). This must then be presented at the gate when you depart.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the information displayed on the permit is accurate and correct, namely
Departure Date
Vehicle Registration Number
Total number of Persons in the Vehicle

Should you decide to leave on a date other than what is displayed on your exit permit, or the number of passengers in your vehicle changes, remember to request a new permit at reception and ensure that the correct information is captured on the permit before attempting to exit the park.

In case of any queries, please contact the Hospitality Services or Duty Manager/s of the respective camps.

Kruger Park Access Information:
It is important to read more about the upgrade on the access control system for the Kruger National Park.

Wishing you a most enjoyable visit to the Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park Exit Permits