Komatipoort is named after the Nkhomati River and was established in 1890 by the Dutch railroad company who constructed the railway from the Mocambique border to Pretoria.

Today Komatipoort is a railway and customs centre as well as producing agricultural products like vegetables and subtropical fruits.

Komatipoort lies on the confluence of the Komati and Crocodile Rivers - before it flows into Mozambique and disappears behind the Lebombo mountains.

This quaint town is only 8km from Crocodile Bridge Gate and 50km from Malalane Gate, two of the well known gates of the Kruger Park. The town is only 3 km from the Lebombo Border Post.

Komatipoort is one of the consistently hottest places in South Africa with an average summer temperature of around 33c and a temperate 26.5c in winter.

There is an excellent 9-hole golf course in Komatipoort with a magnificent view of the adjacent Kruger National Park. The natural habitat of a variety of monkeys and birds with magnificent plumage, antelope and hippopotami forms part of this golf course.

Other activities may include packing a picnic basket and setting of on one of the many hiking trails, trying tiger-fishing or watching birds.

Komatipoort Komatipoort


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