Fishing in the waters of Mpumalanga

The Lowveld and Eastern Transvaal Escarpment has, by virtue of its many hospitable stretches of water and active private trout breeding industry, become the mecca for fly fishermen in South Africa.

Indigenous to the chilly water of the northern hemisphere trout has, since the beginning of the century, become a happy immigrant to the rivers and lakes of southern Africa among other sub-equatorial territories.

The high, cold waters provide a perfect habitat for the fish, and for anglers who have made the area their playground.

While originally intended to provide this sporting fish for public angling enjoyment, the impressive Lydenburg fish breeding and research station now only propagates rare and endangered indigenous species.

The role of stocking the lucrative trout fishing reserves is now in the hands of local private professionals, who even export fertilised eggs to Europe and America.

There are, however also various public clubs providing high quality trout fishing to members and visitors at a normal fee

Rainbow trout is the most popular quarry for fishermen, although browns are taken from time to time. Very few reserves allow the use of any other lure than fly and the sport is governed by the true traditions enforced by managers, to the letter.

For many years, the excellent fishing in and around Lydenburg was a closely guarded secret. While most anglers enjoyed what surrounding towns such as Belfast, Machadodrop, Waterval Boven and Dullstroom had to offer, the few who cared to venture a little further, reaped the benefits of uncrowded fishing in the delightful rivers of Lydenburg.

In recent years, rivers such as the Spekboom, Drops and Sterk have been generally rediscovered.

Fishing in the waters of Mpumalanga Fishing in the waters of Mpumalanga Fishing in the waters of Mpumalanga


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