Historical Sites of the Western Cape

Centuries of trade and immigration have created a population with genetic and linguistic links to different parts of Europe, southeast Asia, India and Africa. The diverse cultural backgrounds gives the province a cosmopolitan flavour with a interesting histtory dating back to the KhoiSan people - the first inhabitants of the country.

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Cape Town
Cape Town is the oldest city in South Africa and has a cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years. It is in Africa, and of Africa, but yet so different.

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Robben Island
For nearly 400 years, this island was a place of banishment and isolation. During the apartheid years, Robben Island gained world-status as the
home of Nelson Mandela (and other political prisoners).

Afrikaans Language
This unique language "just grew' from the soil of South Africa in the human melting pot of the Cape. People such as the Khoikhoi and slaves
from all needed to communicate and a modified version of Dutch, with many words from the other languages evolved. Monument and museum
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Castle of Good Hope
Built by the Dutch in 1666 after arrival, the Castle was erected as a 5 pointed star on the foreshore of Cape Town. It is today surrounded by a variety of other monuments and places of historical interest.

West Coast Mission Village Route
The mission stations were established during the 1800's by missionaries from Europe to spread the Word among the indigenous people.

Historic Towns
Franschhoek - fleeing Huguenots in 1688 established first vineyards
Greyton - many of the present-day guesthouses, restaurants and shops were original homesteads
Montagu - steeped in history and is famous for its awe inspiring rock formations, orchards, vineyards and healing hot mineral springs.
Mossel Bay - rich history dates back to February 1488
Paarl - historical sites, cultural museums, wine routes and historical buildings dating back to 18th century
Stellenbosch - of all the towns founded by the Dutch, Stellenbosch is the best preserved. Known as the town of oaks
Swellendam - founded in 1745 at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain Range, a charming town, famous for its electic architecture
Wupperthal the oldest Rhenish Mission Station, is an attractive little oasis in the very heart of the rugged wilderness of the Cedarberg.
Wellington - steeped in history and tradition, tucked away in the foothills of the Hawekwas Mountain Range

Historical Sites of the Western Cape Historical Sites of the Western Cape


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