Historical Sites of the Northern Cape

The vast and arid Northern Cape is by far the largest province, slightly bigger than Germany and taking up nearly a third of South Africa's land area. Yet it has the country's smallest population, around 1-million people.

The Northern Cape is a land of many diverse cultures, of frontier history and brave missionaries. The San (Bushmen) were the original inhabitants of South Africa, but are now mainly confined to a small area of the Northern Cape - the Kalahari.

Anglo Boer War Route - Kimberley
In 899 Kimberley was besieged. The details of the siege can be relived at the Magersfontein and McGregor Museums. Included among these are the Battles from Orange River Station, including Modder River, Magersfontein, Belmont, Graspan and the eventual Relief by General French and his cavalry.

The Kimberley area has produced a number of personalities who became legends in their time. The major battles of the Western Campaign of the Anglo Boer War took place within 120 kilometres of Kimberley.

Moffat Mission in Kuruman
The Kuruman mission has a long and interesting history. Because of the focus upon literacy, bible translation and the presence of the printing press, education became the primary task of the Mission.

Part of a Griqua missionary and of historical importance, a geological phenomena in the form of deep cavity was formed in the dolomite limestone.

Khoisan Rock Art
Throughout the Karoo one finds examples of engravings left by these nomadic people. Most of the images are found on low ridges of dolerite rock - the black boulder fields are ideal for engraving on. The area along the Orange and Vaal rivers is rich in San rock engravings.

Mafikeng attracted the attention of the world during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899 - 1902 as the small British garrison under the command of Colonel Baden Powell held out for 217 days against Boer forces

Examples of lives of the early European settlers as well as The Hantam House

London Missionary Society extended its mission north of the Orange River among members of a Chaguriqua tribe and local tribes like the Koranna and Tswana

Fraserburg is situated on a high plateau north of the Nuweveld Mountains and has a very rich historical heritage. Also a palaeosurface on the farm Gansfontein outside town, of several trackways of large, four-footed, five-toed mammalian reptiles.

Historical Sites of the Northern Cape Historical Sites of the Northern Cape