Historical Sites of KwaZulu Natal

Towns, historic buildings and memorial in KwaZulu-Natal have fascinating stories to tell. Zulu wars, Isandlwana, Rorkes Drift, Colenso, Spioenkop, Ladysmith, Dundee are but a few names of the strugles that took place.

The region also has the climate, scenery,wildlife,cultural diversity,cuisine and hospitality to make your visit unique and memorable.

Battlefields Route
The best concentration of documented battlefields is in the Zululand area of KwaZulu-Natal. Here you will finds records of both the South African
(Anglo Boer) War, and the Zulu wars.

Rorke's Drift
Rorke's Drift, situated 46 km southeast of Dundee, is the site of one of the most famous battles of the Anglo-Zulu War.

Ghandi Route
In Pietermaritzburg, you can see a statue of Mahatma Gandhi erected at the spot where he was arrested for riding in a whites only train
carriage. He later claimed that it was this incident that started his career of passive resistance.

home of the famous Zulu King, Dingaan. Mgungundlovu, situated just south of the White Umfolozi River in northern Natal and once the royal
capital of Dingaan, offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind of this Zulu king.

Tthe site of one of the most fearsome events of the Anglo-Boer War.

Voortrekker Footsteps
Start your tour in Estcourt and end it at Piet Retief's grave in Mgungundlovu following the steps of the Vpprtrekkers.

Blood River Heritage Site
One of the most famous battles in S.A. history - monument consisting of 64 replica Voortrekker wagons cast in bronze and situated just as
they were on the day of the famous battle.

Originally a coal mining town, Dundee is today the centre of a large farming district and an excellent base to explore the famous battle sites

Eshowe offers a unique window on history as the oldest town in Zululand, with various secret places to visit and enjoy

Ladysmith was established on the crossroads for transport riders between Port Natal (Durban) and the Transvaal. It became world famous between 1899 and 1900 as a result of its four month besiegement by Boer forces

Pietermarizburg is one of Africa's most historic capitals - a thriving, friendly city in the heart of the Settler hinterland of KwaZulu Natal, the 'heritage city' of South Africa.

Steeped in history, from the Bushmen to the British, and including an Anglo-Boer battlefield, the Vryheid Hill reserve outside town offers a lot to the visitor.

Historical Sites of KwaZulu Natal