Historical Sites of the Free State

The outstretched landscape of the Free State epitomises the wild and free spirit of this land. The are is unspoilt, unpolluted and sparsely populated. The quaint, small towns are clean, and harbours the friendliest people, who are always ready to welcome visitors.

The towns are rich in history and Bloemfontein, the capital city, offers the visitor a rich variety of historical sites.

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In Bloemfontein the past becomes part of the present through the unobtrusive and almost natural inclusion of an impressive architectural and historical heritage into the very life of a modern, developing city.

The town was founded in 1849 and named after Governer Harry Smith. An important crossroad in the land trade routes, it is still rich in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rivers

A town with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Famous Magesfontein Battlefields and Museum only 20 km north-west of town.

Founded in a diamond rush, the town still exudes the whiff of the pioneer diggertown.

Transport riders found this spring a convenient stop for coffee drinking, until a diamond was found and a town grew rapidly.

Founded in 1823 after the Toverberg mission station was closed in 1818 and Dr John Philip, superintendent of South Africa, wanted a mission station in the area, making it the oldest town in the Free State

Founded in 1848 for Sir Harry Smith, now an important cattle ranching area. Various Places of interest, museums, monuments and memorials of bygone days, including Bersheeba Farm, an old French mission station with 1m-thick walls.

Vredefort Dome
The Vredefort dome is the oldest and largest meteorite impact site in the world. Formed an estimated 2000 million years ago when a gigantic meteorite (asteroid) hit the earth.

One of the Free State towns with a rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as various historical buildings and monuments

The Transgariep
An area with a vast historical heritage, with numerous historical sites and places of interest, as well as the Gariep Dam.

Historical Sites of the Free State Historical Sites of the Free State


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