Surfing Spots on Cape Peninsula West Coast

Surfing spots north of Cape Town on the West Coast include the following:

Table View
This is a reasonable wave which is not very popular, and works in a south easter. If Blouberg is crowded to death, then Tableview is the place to go.


Blouberg is renowned as one of the coldest spots in the area. This spot is next to Tableview and has a large amount of surfable breaks. As you drive along the main road, you will see little parking lots all the way along the beach and at most of these lots, there will be a surfable wave most of the time.

The break at Blouberg is similar to that at Milnerton. The wave breaks quite close to the shore and is more powerful than it looks.

Big Bay
Big Bay is situated next to Blouberg. The water here is as cold and a suit is definately needed.

This beach break is fun to surf and the paddle in is very easy. The waves have a tendency to dump sometimes, so it is necessary to find out what the wind is doing to see if it will hold the wave up or not.

Derde Steen
This is not a popular spot, as the surf is usually small. However there is sometimes a 3-4 foot wave which is shaped by the south easter. This is a pleasent spot to go to avoid the crowds at Big Bay.

Milnerton is situated Cape Town side of Blouberg. The water here is extremely cold all year round, and a suit is essential.

Surf here is fairly slow. The wave does however have a surprising amount of power. In front of the tanks has long been a favourite surf spot, but accesability has seriously affected that.

The break at the lagoon mouth is usually fairly large large and works on a south easter. On most days, ther is a 2-3 foot wave that breaks fairly slowly, and is ideal for the beginner.

Surfing Spots on Cape Peninsula West Coast Surfing Spots on Cape Peninsula West Coast Surfing Spots on Cape Peninsula West Coast Surfing Spots on Cape Peninsula West Coast


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