The trail is circular and 24 km long and will take 2 days to complete. There are no facilities, but several overnight resting places situated next to water are suggested. Some of the main attractions include a wilderness experience; fynbos; mountain streams and riverine forests.

The Fourcade Trail was opened in 1991. Intended to provide a wilderness experience, it leaves the depot next to the natural forest below Witelskop and makes a complete circle around the mountain. The northern side of Witelskop and the mountains to the north are covered with fynbos; there are patches of natural forest in the kloofs.

This clearly marked trail gives hikers a glimpse of a little-known wilderness area.

Witelsbos lies in a region of all-year rainfall.

To reach the Witelsbos Forest Station, turn off the N2 11 km east of the Storms River bridge. Permits must be obtained from the Witelsbos State Forest Station.
  • Fourcade Trail

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