Surfing Spots south of Cape Town at Muizenberg and surrounding area include the following:

Muizenberg has the longest break in the Cape Peninsula. The wave is rideble for approximately 1,5 km.

The wave that you will find at Muizenberg is not the quickest or most powerful one in the area. It is a beach break that works on a north wester, however, there is sometimes a ridable wave with the south easter that starts breaking pretty far out to sea and then re-swells a couple of times before it reaches the beach.

The most ridden place is in the corner of the bay, and is aptly named the Corner. As a result of the emense expance of surfable coast, the large amount of people that always surf here will not be a problem if you are prepared to surf a slightly lesser wave further down the beach.

If you are a longboarder, then Muizenberg is definately the place for you because of its slow flat wave. Shortboarders will also be able to have fun, but if you are looking for a big fast wave, don't come here.

Muizenberg is fairly reliable, and the waves range between 2 and 5 foot. Bigger waves are possible, but it is advisable to surf bigger swell elsewhere.

Very close to Muizenberg, Dangers is a reef break which is not quite as dangerous as Kalk Bay. If the swell is around 2 - 3 foot at Muizenberg, then Dangers will be very surfable if you do not feel like the gentle slow wave at Muizenberg. Like all of the reef breaks in the area, Dangers gets very crowded. The locals at Dangers carry quite a lot of weight likewise at Kalk Bay, and respect will be demanded. Dangers is predominantly a left break.

It is very rocky here, and as a result the paddle out can be very tricky, depending on the tide.

The surfable waves are on the South shore. There is a usefull rip current to get to the back, but conditions can be trecherous, so take care.

When the north easter blows strongly, many windsurfers are around.

Kalk Bay
Kalk Bay Reef is situated a little way down the road from Muizenberg and offers the more experienced surfer a superb reef break. Because of the shallow reef it is only really surfable at high tide. Many of the Western Capes top surfers will be seen in action here regularly. If you are not a very competent surfer, then this is quite definately not the place for you.

Cemetries is situated Strand side of Muizenberg. This spot is also very dirty, as is Muizenberg.

The wave here is very similar to that at Sunrise Beach at Muizenberg a short way down the road, the only difference being that this wave is a littlte bit more hollow. It is never crowded, and offers surfers a calm slow fun wave.

Cemetries must be tried when the wave at Muizenberg is too messy, otherwise, Muizenberg is probably a better bet if the small slow wave is what you are after.

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