Surfing Spots of the Cape Peninsula

One of the most notable things about surfing in and around Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula, is that you will almost always find some sort of a wave to surf.

There are so many different spots on all sides of the coast, that no matter what the wind direction, it will be blowing off-shore somewhere.

Yeah right, that is theory, realisticaly, there are days when you will be forced to surf a cross-shore mush.

It is important to note, that the surf spots mentioned below are all surfed by locals. When paddling out, show them the necessary respect that comes with the territory. Going for a surf full of agro will only make it un-enjoyable for everyone in the water.

Shark attacks are not really a factor in the Peninsula. There have been a couple of oversize Johnny Boys reported in the areas of Muizenberg and Cemetries, but until now, we are waiting for that elusive attack.

The best surfing spots are grouped together as north of Cape Town (West Coast (North) Area), south of Cape Town (on the western seaboard)) and spots in the Muizenberg Area.

Where to Stay
Cape Town Accommodation options are numerous; with a large variety of different types spread throughout the Peninsula.

Other Activities
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Surfing Spots of the Cape Peninsula


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