Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South)

Surfing Spots south of Cape Town on the western seaboard include the following:


The Cape peninsula provides surfing equal to the best in the world. While in False Bay (eastern side) the surf is slow and even, at Kommetjie, the sees are higher and the waves much faster. Despite of the problems with access, the west coast provides the most interesting and most thrilling surfing.

Kommetjie is one of the most popular spots after the west wind starts blowing, and following the encroachment of the south easter, the surf begins to work. Inner and Outer Kom are the favourite spots.

Crayfish Factory
The Crayfish Factory (between Kommetjie and Scarborough) is a big wave spot in the Western Cape. Similar to Misty Cliffs, it is not advisable to venture forth into the 7 foot plus swells that are quite common here if you are not familiar with big wave surfing.

Bring your gun if you are planning to enjoy your surf, the big waves tend to get a bit bouncy and surfing a short board on a big day is suicide.
Sentinel is situated further out to sea from crayfish factory, and is renowned for its tow-in sized waves.

Misty Cliffs
This spot (near Scarborough) is very suitable for competent surfers. It breaks left and right, but keep an eye on the rocks. When the wind blows strongly from the north west "concave jumpers" turn out in force.

There is an easily accessable platform from where the surfers can be seen. Watching this display , it is understandeble why surfing is such a spectator sport.

Misty Cliffs is a big wave spot, make no doubt about it. Do not come here if you are not prepared to face 8 foot plus swells.

Sandy Bay
Sandy Bay is situated Kommetjie side of Llandudno. This spot is very secluded and inaccessability keeps it from becoming over-crowded. You will have to walk about 5km along a little path to get to the beach.

This area is quite picturesque and if you are prepared to make a day out of it, it is well worth it. Sandy Bay is also a renowned nudist beach, and it has happened that surfers have had to use their boards to discourage eager bathers who are keen on getting to know them better.

The surf at Sandy Bay is very surfable. It is normally about 3 -4 foot. The advantage of this spot is the fact that it is un-crowded, and it appeals to the more 'soul-surfer' type.

Llandudno is one of the most most picturesque places you will ever surf. The water is electric blue and as clear as that of the Mediteranean. The beach is also extremely popular with Cape Town's body beautiful.

The break does tend to get a little bit crowded here, as do all smallish spots. The local presence is also felt, and it is not advisable to paddle out with an attitude.

The break outside the carpark called dunes works in the South Easter and is relatively slow.A wetsuit is essential, as this spot is on the cold Atlantic side. A number of surfing competions are held here.

Opposite the wreck is another well known surfing spot.

Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South) Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South) Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South) Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South) Surfing Spots - Cape Peninsula West Coast (South)


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