Cango Wildlife Ranch is situated just 3km outside of the picturesque Karoo town of Oudtshoorn, offering sanctuary to some of the world’s most endangered species and a haven to visitors.

Cango Wildlife Ranch, is the oldest and largest cheetah contact centre worldwide where you can see and feel a huge variety of animals including Africa’s spotted king, the cheetah. From the slithering snake to the majestic lion, you will find all you want here.

It is is home to a variety of cats such as lion and jaguar. The thrill of Valley of Ancients and Natural Encounters add a thrill element to learning about crocodiles and making the Cango Wildlife Ranch one of the most interactive, exciting tourist attractions worldwide.

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is uniquely designed to comfortably host more than 40 species of animals, giving visitors the opportunity to view and, in some cases, even interact with a variety of endangered animals.

At the Cango Wildlife Ranch the well-being and welfare of all our animals is paramount in the promotion of our conservation ethic to you, our valued guest. To achieve these aims we promote the concept of Natural Encounters between you and a number of select ambassador species.

Valley of Ancients
Join us on a journey back in time, to a wild place, a place where you will follow the footsteps of ancient explorers. Valley of Ancients promises to be so much more than you expect.

The Valley was developed with only one thing in mind – to entertain you, the visitor, and is a thrilling experience for the whole family.

Valley of Ancients includes all of the following:
• A tropical house with giant fruit bats, shy duiker, birds of paradise and a breathtaking underwater viewing section where rainbow-colored fish will dazzle you;
• A Malawian forest exhibit filled with Red River hogs and giant monitor lizards;
• A Vulture exhibit with endangered Cape vultures;
• Lemur island where you can glimpse the rare Madagascar ring-tailed lemurs and pink flamingos;
• The only Croc Cage Diving pool in the world;
• Pygmy Hippo Village where Herbert and Hilda will keep you company;
• Otter Waterfall with our two spotted-necked otters frolicking in the water;
• Marabou stork exhibit where you can look these large birds in the eye.

The ever-popular Cheetahland includes the following:
• Our white lions, Tribe and Sindile are rare, blond and beautiful;
• The cheetah enclosures where our hand-reared cheetah will steal your heart;
• Bitten, our magnificent jaguar;
• Charlie the lion and his ladies;
• Our white Bengal tigers

Family Fun
• An interactive lorikeet aviary where you are able to walk amongst these colorful, inquisitive birds;
• The Wallaby Walkabout granting you access to little wallabies hopping around just waiting for you to feed them;

• Grunts Restaurant – our all new forest themed fast food restaurant with its large deck;
• Nyami Nyami Curios ;
• Dinkum Tucker where you are able to get some refreshments before, after or during your tour

Children’s Playground
• Jumping castle, water park, sandpits
• Jungle Jims where you can set your children free to play in our tiny tots area specially designed with your toddlers’ safety in mind or
• The splash zone for your older children wanting a little more excitement.

Make friends with our friendly Goats, bunnies, chickens and pigs. With names like Dinkum Tucker, Kuranda Forrest and Zimbakwe Ruins you can only imagine the wonder world of interactive adventure that awaits you on your visit.

Opening Times
The Cango Wildlife Ranch is open every day of the year including Christmas and New Years day.

08:00 – 16:30 (Out of season)
08:00 – 17:00 (In season)

Tel: +27 (0) 44 272-5593
Fax +27 (0) 44 272-4167
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch
  • Cango Wildlife Ranch

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More Info:

The Cango Wildlife Ranch is situated 3 km outside of Oudtshoorn on the R62 en route to the Cango Caves.